Toshu's Kanji House 21th

Thank you for waiting.
Today's guest is 初"First" for sure~.

Sorry for not coming as this kanji last time.
I just wanted everyone to know that my kanji consists of 衣"Clothing" and 刀"Blade".

I see.
Do you have any special preferences?

Actually, I have a problem. Can you tell the difference by looking at these two kanji, Toshu-san?

They look almost the same, but the first is the left-hand side of the kanji, Koromo-hen and the second is Shimesu-hen, right?

That's right.
My problem is that I am often written in wrong character.
There is no such kanji ~! (Tears)



Oh, yes.
In our classroom, when a student becomes the first dan, one out of every few students shows Shimesu-hen instead of Koromo-hen of 初.
At that time, I said, "If there is no dot, it will be a typo, so I won't raise you."

It's just a dot for you, but for us kanji, there is a reason for the origin of each character, and a single dot of difference means a lot.
I want Toshu-san to spread the correct kanji to the world.

Yes, Sir!

I'm sorry for 示"Show".

Well...can I ask you a question?
Is 示"Show" your friend?

Of course he is my friend.

I would like to know about 示"Show".
Otherwise, I don't know clearly.

Well, let me give you a quick introduction.
示"Show" is made from the shape of 机"desk" dedicated to the gods.



Come to think of it, the word God has Shimesu-hen.

Where do you think God is enshrined?

It's a shrine.
Now that you mention it, both are showing Shimesu-hen!




That's right.
The kanji for god is shimesu-hen.
The kanji for clothing is for koromo-hen.
If you remember that, it's convenient when you write kanji.

Now I know it very clear.
By the way, can you introduce yourself?

I was born in Oracle Bone Script and my actual age is around 3300.

So you are the same age with 衣"Cloth" and 刀"Blade".

Of course they were born a little earlier.
Now, please take a look at Space-time Kanji from my background.


甲骨文字(Oracle Bone Script)


金文(Bronze Script)















Looking at the Space-time kanji, I can see that it is a combination of the kanji for 衣"Cloth" and 刀"Blade".
But why was the kanji 初"First" born?

Now, I'll tell you about my background.
The kanji 初"First" comes from the ritual of first cutting cloth with 刀"Blade"(Cutlery and scissors) before making a special garment.
That is how the word came to mean "Getting Started" and "First".

I see~.
But what is the special garment?

What do you think it is?

Is it clothes for a newborn baby?

You got it right.
It comes from making kimono to wear as baby's first clothes.

It was so.
It's really fresh.

That's right.
Thank you for listening to me today.
I am going on a wandering journey again.
Good bye.

Thank you for coming today.

初"First"'s profile is summarized here!

Ah! 初"First"...
I forgot to ask who the next guest is.
Okay, bye-bye, everyone!