What is Space-time Kanji Laboratory (Toshu's Labo)?

Hello, I'm Toshu, the director of our laboratory.
The objective of this laboratory is to enjoy learning kanji with playfulness and to express the kanji living in time and space in "書(callligrapy)" with a free idea released from conventional ideas and stereotypes.



*This website contains calligraphy and sentences filled with "playfulness". "遊(playing)" means not only entertainment but also many other things. About "遊”, a Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi, says of "Don't worry about the future, but cherish this moment."

What is Space-time kanji?

The original form of today's kanji was created more than 3,000 years ago, and through many ages (beyond time and space) it has changed its form and is still alive today.
Don't you get excited thinking like that?
I strongly believe that kanji has charm and power to attract people.
At Toshu's laboratory, we hope to convey the appeal of kanji to as many people as possible, and we call kanji characters that have evolved over a long period of time 'Space-time kanji'.

Main characters of this website.


A teacher who teaches calligraphy in the suburbs of Tokyo.
After she heard "I'm really bad at memorizing kanji~" from the students, she remembered that she couldn't memorize it as a child, and after thinking for a few years about how to get interested in kanji, she decided to go to the world of kanji!!


A loving girl from Tasmania (a heart-shaped island), Australia. She is always with Toshu-sensei!!
She intends to protect her students in the calligraphy classes,
but she is actually protected. (* ^ - ^ *)
She can speak when she goes to the world of kanji. She has a lot of knowledge for some reason!!


(The 1st guest)

Kanji characters who have lived through time and space visit 'Toshu's Kanji House' every time as guests and have fun talking.
There are various characters, and in the world of Kanji, the characters can speak.

What is Toshu's Kanji House?

"Toshu's Kanji House" is a bridge between the world of human beings and the world of kanji.
In the world of kanji, there are various kanji characters who have lived in time and space, and they sometimes come to "Toshu's Kanji House".
Let's go to the world of Kanji together!


About the contents described on this site

The content of this site is a fiction that incorporates Toshu's unique view of the world and ideas, referring to the books of many teachers including Shirakawa Shizuka-sensei.