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In a corner of the Milky Way, right now a woman and a dog are opening the door of space-time!   Let's go to the world of kanji!

I know this is sudden, but... kanji is alive.


Hello everyone. What comes to your mind when you hear "Kanji"? Don't you think you can't memorize the order of writing, it's difficult to read, there are too many kinds...?
I was also very bad at memorizing kanji when I was a child. Every time I took a test, I wondered why there is such a thing as Kanji. But I liked calligraphy, so I liked Kanji written in calligraphy. I was a restless child, but the only thing I could get into was calligraphy.
Kanji is necessary for calligraphy works. As I learned how to deform Chinese characters, how to write old Chinese characters, and how to write ancient Chinese characters through calligraphy, I came to know the existence of Shirakawa Shizuka-sensei, a kanji PhD. Furthermore, while I was reading a lot of books, I fell deeply into the world of kanji, and I also got a qualification of kanji educator. Chinese characters are closely related to our lives and culture, and it is said that the reason why China did not divide like Europe was because the country was united around the culture of Chinese characters! The power of kanji is really amazing☆
By the way, how old do you think the oldest kanji is?
The answer is... about 3,300 years old. Kanji are the longest surviving characters. It's a very long time, it's a tremendous age. They have seen war and peace repeated in the human world in the meantime. In those days, it was changed into various shapes by people and became the character like today.
Kanji characters(Oracle Bone Script) are said to have first appeared in ancient Chinese (Yin era), and were used by kings to communicate with gods. Yes, I think Kanji was created by ancient people inspired by God.
Every character in kanji has a meaning and there is a reason why it was born.
Don't you think it's very mysterious?
From about 3,300 years ago to the present, kanji has been alive and still changing. Kanji really lives in space and time.
By learning the history of kanji, you may be able to solve various everyday mysteries. If you are interested in kanji, please visit "Toshu's Kanji House". Every time we invite a wonderful guest (Kanji) to introduce various episodes.
Actually, the 1st guest '' is coming soon. (* ^ ^ *).
If you are interested, why don't you enter the world of kanji with Toshu? I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Oh, '' is here.
"Yes. I'm coming☆”


~ Toshu ~


Toshu's Kanji House 1st is here.